veronika wenigova

I'm a freelance manager & website developer. And actually many more things.

My name is Veronika,

and once upon a time I was born and raised in Prague, the Czech republic. Currently, I’m living in a true paradise on Earth that I am lucky enough to call my home – Tenerife, Spain – and I make it my everyday mission to make my days count.

During my years at the university, I focused on psychology, communication and also HR, while always running some side-hustles – a small catering company, fashion e-store, or being a virtual assistant, amongst others.

Currently, I mainly help my beloved clients run websites that help them sell; I teach and mentor digital marketing, and do loads of projects management. But as you might have already understood, that’s not all of it. Every day brings new challenges and ideas, and I’m up for accepting them.

Being average and ignorant was never an option. That’s why I’m here today. I lack a label. But as soon as you’ll get to know me, you’ll understand that everything I do, I do with 100% dedication and passion, and with simplicity and perfectionism, that you can’t fake. If not, I don’t do it. I finish what I set up, and solve problems, not create them.

These are my current projects:


0% Bullshit, 100% Dedication: Providing complex website & marketing solutions for small/medium businesses across Europe.


Helping women feel confident and beautiful. We're the official reseller of Bandelettes®, the anti-chafing thigh bands, for the Czech republic.


Turning my big passion into business: running a complex online travel portal about Tenerife. Plan your trip, explore the island.