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Webdesigner | Online Business Enthusiast | Expat in Tenerife

When I decided to join a digital marketing internship in Tenerife a few years ago, I had no idea how defining this step would become for both my career and personal life. At the end, I never returned to Prague from Tenerife (at least not permanently). I kickstarted my freelance career in web creation, offering my services purely online.

I believe that working without having to sit in an office is possible in many more fields than we think. I want as many people as possible to experience this tremendous freedom. I know it’s possible.

Because I went through all the bureaucratic necessities of life in the Canaries as an expat, people started asking me for advice. Not just about official formalities, but also about real estate or experiences that this wonderful island has to offer.

This is how the three work projects, that my own life story led me to, were born.

I design and implement comprehensive web solutions to support your business.

I help expats & tourists enjoy their time in the Canaries with a minimum of fuss.


I connect people with job opportunities that allow them to work from anywhere.


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